EUCLID (Euclid University) is an international intergovernmental organization with a university charter established in 2008 (United Nations Treaty Series I-49006/49007). Its Participating States are Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sierra Leone, Eritrea, Uganda, Vanuatu, Benin (informal), Senegal, Comoros, Burundi, Central African Republic, Timor-Leste and The Gambia. Its primary mission is to train government staff and groups of
special interest for its Participating States, but also to offer focused distance education to a limited number of general public students.

As an autonomous institution, EUCLID is the result of the adoption by the Participating States of academic programs developed by the “Pôle d’Extension Universitaire Euclide,” a consortium of universities (led by the University of Bangui and the University of N’Djamena) established in 2005. EUCLID is also an educational partner for other intergovernmental bodies: ECOWAS (Economic African Community of Western African States), ICCI (Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an institution of the Organization of the Islamic Conference) and CAFRAD (African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development).

According to the Statutes, its specialized institutes are the International Organization for Sustainable Development, The Center for Ecological Desertification and Reforestation, the EuroState University Institute and the International Institute for Inter-Religious Diplomacy.

EUCLID specializes in distance-learning programs in the following fields: diplomacy, international law, sustainable development, Islamic finance, energy studies, international public health, and inter-religious dialogue. Its headquarters are located in The Gambia, West Africa.


Creative Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria (CEAN) is a Not for Profit Business Development Service Provider in Nigeria.

We hold monthly sessions in Lagos and Abuja reaching over 5,000 entrepreneurs annually with information and motivation to make them achieve.


We are the Cameroon International Business Consulting Company (CIBC), We help foreign companies to expand across borders in order to increase their sales and  competitiveness. We also assist with startup and Foreign Direct Investment. For this purpose, one of our main activity axes is helping with internationalization when it comes to doing business in the Central /West African Region ( Cameroon ,Chad, Gabon,  DRC, RCA, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast, Benin, Ghana etc)  . 

We have a strong and   practical knowledge on foreign trade and economic environment  (economy sectors). Easy access to contacts, databases, commercial and institutional networks in the various countries across Africa. We have more than 10years of experience with supporting foreign companies entering the African market especially when it comes to   projects relating to startups, Foreign Direct Investment, market researches, due Diligence, commercial introduction projects –searching commercial partners: distributors, agents, reps, importers, potential customer, sourcing commodities and minerals, negotiation, brokering and procurement, setting up a company in the country –productive or commercial- ,organizing commercial agendas and dealing with local authorities when required.     


Supporting Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (SEED-SL) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization formed in January 2009 to create economic partnerships with the poor. This is done through innovative assistance for entrepreneurship, including micro credit loans couple with skills training

SEED-SL is driven by the hope of a better world and inspired by the vision of a society where all people can live in justice, good health, peace and well-being. We believe that by our activities we can turn that hope into action and subsequently change things. Our intervention areas are micro-finance, livelihood support programs and HIV Aids prevention


The Association of African Entrepreneurs (AAE) is an organization providing support to and working with Small Scale Operators (comprising the informal sector, micro-operators) in rural areas in Africa. AAE works to create a system of collaborative self-help to improve the
business environment in which members operate.

Recent community projects have targeted canoe fishermen, fishmongers, farmers and food
processers, petty traders, hawkers, and mobile phone retailers operating on a subsistence level. The organization's national projects seek to provide relevant 'business support service centres' in African countries to assist enterprises with limited internal capacity to access sources of information and advice.  At present AAE exists autonomously Nigeria (as African Association of Entrepreneurs Nigeria), Benin Republic, South Africa

Furthermore the organization acts as a platform for facilitating public and private communication and discussions. The AAE centres in all countries where they presently exist promote networking activities and co-operation events in order to help businesses grow, compete, and internationalize. They would be made possible through a multidisciplinary team of experts and professionals, providing technical advice to local entrepreneurs in business operation and management.

AAE has undertaken main projects, in the area of micro finance and information technology, and is currently working to improve the operational and financial sustainability of these projects. AAE has been working with online volunteers of the UN to facilitate informational awareness over the internet.



KWARA STATE UNIVERSITY (KWASU) is the 34th of the 36 state universities and the 95th of the 127 universities approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) as a conventional university in Nigeria It commenced academic activities in October 2009 with the mantra to be “the University for Community Development” and the vision to “innovatively disseminate knowledge towards advancing the cause of humanity and expanding the frontiers of knowledge.” In pursuit of the above, the University carefully assembled manpower (locally and internationally), and developed the most ultra-modern facilities with high ICT intensiveness to accomplish its dream of a ‘world class university’.

In pursuit of realistic education, the University started The Centre for Entrepreneurship (TCE) in the same year of its establishment, 2009, to be: “the centre for thinking, reasoning, acting, opportunities, resource mobilization, leadership and value-reorientation, expected to project the image of the University positively, through the creation of new generation of entrepreneurs that will affect positively, the economic and social structure of Kwara State, Nigeria, in particular, and the world, in general” with the vision “to produce tomorrow’s global business leaders today.”

With the determination of the University to produce graduates that are creative and innovative, and can compete favourably in the world, the establishment and activities of this Centre became central in the actualization of this unique objective of the university. From inception we realize that as a University, we are saddled with the responsibility to provide “sufficient and appropriate” manpower in terms of human capital development, to harness the abundant resources of the state and the nation that are presently underutilized, hence the resolve to produce graduates that can hold their own and stand the test of time in this digital age, with the capacity to reinvent the ways things are done in line with international standards through their involvement in entrepreneurship at all levels.



H&C is a business development service provider with presence in 5 west african countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal and Togo). We provide training and coaching services to entrepreneurs and business executives. We also publish a magazine dedicated to SME Development (Impulsion des PME), books, CD, DVD and reports to help entrepreneurs get the information, training and tools they need to start and grow their own business, develop their potential and accelerate their performances.

H&C is the local partner of IFC (World Bank Group) and IBM for the SMETOOLKIT ( in Benin and Senegal.

For more information, visit our website :



GCCI is Voice of Business in The Gambia.  It is a non-political, non-profit making, self-governed and private sector organization representing Trade and Commerce, Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Telecommunication services, Tourism, Banking and Finance. The principal functions of GUCCI are to act on behalf of Business for opening opportunities for entrepreneurs/ companies, match-making, center of economic operations, provision of essential business services to the private sector in general and its members in particular, and to advise and advocate with government in creating a favorable business environment.

Since inception some 47 years ago, GCCI has been very instrumental in expanding international trade activities and economic promotion growth through various business introductions resulting in successful business enterprises. It brings together a wide range of business interests into close and continuous contact with government departments at the apt levels. Membership of GCCI spans over all sectors of the economy, thereby making it the most important multi-sect oral organization in The Gambia.



FORAM Initiatives is a youth-led organization aiming at fostering entrepreneurship education in Benin. It conducts activities and programs ranging from seminars, conferences, workshops and competitions throughout the country. We also provide assistance to startups and connect young entrepreneurs to investors. FORAM Initiatives is the official host for the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Benin. We work with schools, universities and communities.


Youth Business Cameroon is a registered non-governmental organization initiated in July 2005 by a group of committed Cameroonians. The goal of the organization is to provide young Cameroonian entrepreneurs with the resources they need to generate profits, create jobs, and contribute to the nation’s economy. The organization seeks to promote entrepreneurship among economically underprivileged youth who are motivated to start their own businesses. Youth Business Cameroon aims to turn young, unemployed job-seekers into successful job creators.



Initiatives des Jeunes pour le Développement (IJD) est une ONG à but non lucratif d’utilité publique créée le 20 février 2000 au Togo (en Afrique de l’Ouest)  par les jeunes volontaires pour un développement durable.  Elle est reconnue légalement  par le gouvernement togolais


IJD a pour vision de voir les jeunes devenir des acteurs responsables de leur propre itinéraire d’insertion sociale et économique.Participer à la creation d'un monde où les droits humains sont respectés et la prauveté éradiqué


Mobiliser, motiver et armer intellectuellement les jeunes pour un développement durable auto - entretenu.

Accompagner les communautés de base dans leurs initiatives d’auto-promotion et  de participer aux efforts de lutte contre l’inégalité et l’injustice sociale.


JokkoLabs is a private, not-for-profit initiative launched in Dakar, Senegal. It’s an independent “action tank” that aims to identify and support the innovative ideas from entrepreneurs of the digital economy, cultural industries and medias in order to accelerate the competiveness of nations and prosperity for all.


Entrepreneurship Africa seeks to profile economic drivers and activities in Africa and share the stories of obstacles surmounted, sharp curves, successful negotiated and cultures maintained to remain in the game, ahead of the pack.

Besides providing you with inspiring entrepreneurship news, profiles and expert advices from across the continent; Entrepreneurship Africa also provides the following services:

Organisation Profiles

Our team of professionals provide write ups of organisation profile and case studies for both internal and external stakeholders.

Business Plans

A Business plan is not a one-size-fits all. We assist in research and writing business plans that fits the purpose. These include biz plans targeted for investors, funders and internal strategy.

Enterprise Development

Through our alliance with top enterprise developers across the continent; we can place your venture with reputable experts who guide you.


We also offer multimedia service (video and photography) for your organisation—these include special assignments and events


MEDIA PARTNERS :  is the most widely used Africa destination on the Internet, reaching an audience of policymakers, leaders of business and industry, international investors, analysts, diplomats, students, scholars and activists – decision takers and thought leaders around the world. The site adds more than 2000 items daily, in partnership with 150 African media organizations and hundreds of other institutions, agencies and enterprises. The website won nomination in two successive years as “Best News Site” (alongside such nominees as the Google and BBC news sites) by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, whose awards are called “the Oscars of the Internet”.


African Foundation for Development Sierra Leone


The African Foundation for Development Sierra Leone (AFFORD-SL) was established in 2008. AFFORD-SL seeks to facilitate the creation, protection and maintenance of jobs through practical support of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). The organization provides business training through the deployment of Business Coaches and Advisors. Because enterprise development is a viable option for self-employment and job creation, AFFORD-SL advocates, lobbies and facilitates a conducive enterprise environment in Sierra Leone. AFFORD-SL’s policy ensures that a minimum of 40% of our projects are young people.


  • Entrepreneur and Business Development Support: We provide entrepreneurial and business development support services such as advice, business planning and access to finance and markets. We also provide linkages to financial institutions and have a nationwide network of entrepreneurs.
  • Project Design and Implementation: AFFORD-SL designs and implements projects that seek to improve livelihoods in Sierra Leone by promoting enterprise development through improvements in the performance of new and existing businesses. We designed and implemented Sierra Leone’s National Business Plan Competition ‘Business Bomba’.
  • Training, Coaching and Mentoring: We offer a suite of training packages to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide through a team of dedicated professionals. We have certified trainers on the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Business Edge Methodology Training, International Labour Organization (ILO) Start and Improve Your Business, and the Competency-based Economies of Entrepreneurs (CEFE) Methodology Training.
  • Project Management: We manage projects for other organizations and agencies. We have managed projects such as: the Business Development Support Project which saw the training of more than 40 Business Coaches across Sierra Leone. AFFORD-SL manages the Organization of Women Networks for Entrepreneurs (OWNERS).

Contact Information

12 Siaka Stevens Street Freetown

Tel: +232 25 264 687



Twitter: @AFFORD_SL

Facebook: African Foundation for Development Sierra Leone



Ventures Publishing International introduced its flagship business magazine, Ventures Africa, in November of 2012.  Since then, Ventures Africa has grown into one of the fastest selling business magazines in Africa, while its website has become one of the most visited business sites in Africa.  Ventures Africa is a magazine that chronicles stories of Africa’s thriving entrepreneurs and companies doing business on the African continent and in the diaspora. It is a reference point for business people, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Africa and around the world.   Ventures Africa also has a robust online news service; also publishes news on business, entrepreneurship, investments and trade across Africa’s major economies


About Oxford Business Group

Oxford Business Group (OBG) is a global publishing, research and consultancy firm, which publishes economic intelligence on the markets of Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.


OBG offers comprehensive analysis of macroeconomic and sectoral developments, including banking, capital markets, energy, infrastructure, industry and insurance.


OBG’s acclaimed economic and business reports are the leading source of local and regional intelligence, while OBG’s online economic briefings provide up-to-date in-depth analysis. OBG’s consultancy arm offers tailor-made market intelligence and advice to firms operating in these markets and those looking to enter them.


The Chamber of Commerce is a major source of business information in Sierra Leone. The Chamber maintains files covering overseas countries as well as numerous local business and economic data. These will assist in investment decisions, market expansion and decisions on joint venture proposals from overseas.

Our mission: To serve as the voice of business and provide services to business

Services offered by the Chamber:

Information services on business Import/Export, Helping members solve problems with Government Departments, Industries, local authorities and other bodies and Issuing Certificate of Origin and the certification of other export documents.